Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for a company to carry out you commercial carpet cleaning, commercial hard floor cleaning and bring your office space or hospitality area back to looking like new then we can do that for you. We also clean evenings and weekends if needed.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are a hotel, bar, nightclub, office, shop, church, leisure center, or anything else we can clean your floor space.

Commercial carpets require a different cleaning method than most domestic carpets.

Schedual – Carpets dry in 30 minutes

We understand that running a business isn’t easy and having something cleaned usually requires you to not be open to the public, which is why we will work with you to ensure that we are able to complete your job at a time that works for you.

Whether that be weekends, evenings, or even early mornings we can accommodate.

That being said, our commercial cleaning process will leave your carpets dry in just 30 minutes! Means little to no downtime, we can even work around your staff as the process doesn’t create much noise at all, the loudest part being the pre-vacuum!

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Each job can vary so it’s a lot easier for us to arrange a visit or arrange for photos to be sent to us so we can provide a quotation for you. This way we can provide a detailed quote that won’t change with anything unexpected.

If you are looking for a rough price for your commercial floor clean you’ll be looking at £4-12 per square meter depending on what we are cleaning, and logistics.

Commerical Hard Floor Cleaning

We know that not all workspaces are the same and most can be made up of different types of flooring, which is why we decided to invest in the best possible equipment allowing us to clean not only the commercial carpet but also all types of hard flooring too. Whether it be lino, hardwood, composite, porcelain, tiles, or anything else in-between, we can provide a spotless clean all at the same time meaning only one visit is required.

Using the highest spec commercial carpet cleaning methods available in the UK we are able to cover up to 200sqm per hour meaning that no matter the size of your carpet we can clean it in a timely manner.

Not only that but with our commercial cleaning method being so quiet we can even do this in stages and work around your staff without having to disrupt the flow of your working day.

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What Can You Expect From Us?


Uniformed and Professional Member of Staff


Shoe Covers Worn on Every Job


Guaranteed Work


We are Fully Insured


Reliability Comes Second Nature to Us


We Inform You Before Every Clean


We Offer Competitive Rates


We Use Top of the Range Equiptment