Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are you Insured?

We are fully insured with public and private liability and certification can be provided upon request.

How Do We Pay You If We Arent Home?

The way we run our business is all hand free from cash, so when you become a client we sign you up to a direct debit if you are a recurring customer, or send you a payment link if you are a one-off. This way you don’t need to be in or worry about withdrawing money for when we pop by.

Do We Work In The Rain?

Unfortunately for us, the bills still need to be paid so there will be some cases where we need to work in the rain.

Fortunately for you, rain water is nearly as pure as our filtered water so will dry smear and streak free and without spotting, perfectly. 

How Often Do You Visit?

We offer Window Cleaning every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks, With discounts available for more frequent visits. For our additional services, we can team these to one of our window cleaning visits for existing customers and if it’s a one-off, we can fit you in any day of the week subject to availability. 

Do We Guarantee Our Work?

Yes, all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the result, give us a call within 24 hours and we will come back and redo it completely free of charge. 

Window Cleaning Questions 

Do You Need To Be In When We Turn Up?

Before we start cleaning your property we will arrange access and what we need to do to get to all the windows. This information is saved in our system. Plus due to our easy payment system, we don’t need to collect any cash. 

How Do We Clean without Soap?

By using the more modern, pure water system of window cleaning your windows are actually proven to stay cleaning for longer. The water starts off as tap water and goes through a vigorous filtration process to remove all the impurities and leaves it very slightly acidic. This in turn with absorb the dust, dirt and algae that you might not be able to see with your eyes.


What are the benefits to water fed window cleaning?

By using this set up we are able to team together the seals and frames of your windows for a clean at no extra cost during our visit. There’s no need to be climbing on your roof and potentially damage your roof or your brickwork and most importantly our staff.

How do you clean higher windows without a ladder?

We use specialised, carbon fibre, poles which allow us to be ladder free. We are able to clean 99% of the windows with our poles but we do carry ladders in that 1% chance that we need them.

It also means that there’s no damage to grass, flower beds, walls or us! 

Do you always visit on the same day each month?

Although we cant guarantee that we will be visiting on the same day of the week each time we visit it will be within a few days on either side.

We also send you a text or email once we have carried out your clean so you know once we have visited. 

Pressure Washing Questions

Are my Conservatory Roof Windows Included?

Although we will usually include the windows of your conservatory in your clean, we don’t as standard include the roof windows. We can include these for you and will normally ask you before we provide you with your quote.

Will it create a mess?

In short, Yes. But we will never leave a property without first cleaning up after ourselves and any mess that might have ended up in places it shouldn’t have.

The only thing we cant do is dry your floor for you any quicker!

Do You Need to Use Our Water?

We carry with us around 400 litres of water so it’s not a 100% requirement, but our industrial pressure washers can go through over 600 litres per hour at full capacity so if we cant use an outside tap then we might have to split the job over several days which could increase the quote we give you.

Can you get rid of oil and fuel stains?

Although we cant guarantee it 90% of the time we can completely remove the stain, but at worst it will be greatly reduced.

Do you use chemicals?

We only use chemicals for the removal and killing of weeds and algae that might have built up on your patio or driveway as well as applying any sealer to protect your driveway.