Imprinted Concrete Cleaning

You might think imprinted concrete doesn’t need cleaning but it gets just as dirty, if not dirtier due to water sitting on it and having nowhere to run off.

Imprinted concrete cleaning is a brilliantly fun job and the results can be incredible!

We use a commercial grade 22inch surface cleaner which gets into the gaps and avoids firing dirt and built up gunk over your windows and rest of your property.

Despite this we always finish off with a window clean to leave your property extra clean.

1. First, we clean using out surface cleaner.

2. Then we rinse down and get the edges as well as any missed sections

3. Apply a chemical clean to remove any black spots or kitchen. This chemical clean can also help remove oil stains and other vehicle-related marks.

4. Final rinse down and tidy up

5. Finished off with a window clean

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