Indian Sandstone Cleaning

Over time your Indian Sandstone Patio will lose it bright, beautiful colours and become dull and dirty without you even noticing it. Using our commercial pressure washer we can bring it back to life!

Indian Sandstone is one of the most gorgeous looking patio styles you can have. 

But, ask yourself, does it look like it did when it was first laid? IF the answer is no then an Indian Sandstone Clean could be for you.

Using our high end commerical pressure washer and surface cleaner we can easily bring your patio back to life and have it looking brand new again.

Indian sandstone easily picks up lots of surface dirty and grime as its a natural stone and we recommend you get it cleaned at least once per year to avoid staining and needing to repoint.

The process is a simple but effective one:

1. We clean around the edges of the patio to get the bits that the surface cleaner, being rounded, cant reach.

2. Using our surface cleaner we clean the main body of the area. 

3. apply a chemical softwash to remove any mould, mildew or stuborn organic staining.

4. Stop treat any areas not cleaned by the soft wash to ensure a perfect finish. 

5. Wash everything down and apply a algae treatment to help prevent green grime and mould returning to the area. 

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