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Are you thinking of selling your home?

When you are thinking of selling your home, ultimately you want to get the best possible price and attracted the best possible buyers. Attracting the best buyers who are willing to pay the best price means ticking boxes and not giving the potential buyer a reason to make a lower offer.

Having your property looking as good as possible will help you attract the best possible buyer plus gain the best possible price for your property.

Is your home getting the attention you think it deserves?

43% of homebuyers have stated that the exterior of a property is the biggest influence on the initial first impression and having green, algae-covered window frames or soffit and fascias can lead to up to 20% reduction in offers received of the asking price. Only 5% of people said that interior decor forms a bad first impression meaning the first look at your property will determine whether nearly 50% of potential buyers will provide a close to asking price offer or not.

Are potential buyers being put off by the first impression look of your property?

First impressions are KEY to selling your home with many potential buyers making their minds up before even viewing the property. Lots of buyers won’t even click into the additional details of a house if they don’t like the look of the pictures from outside.

84% of people agreed that the most important part about house buying is getting a good feeling when first seeing the property and 76% say that first impressions are EVERYTHING when viewing a house. Compare that to the online viewing statistics and 66% of people asked agreed that that first little thumbnail picture is a huge factory when looking at more details or arranging a viewing.

So it agrees that having the outside of your property looking as good as possible is a key feature in getting the best buyer and the full or above asking price. Keller Williams, an Estate Agents found that 31% of homebuyers would offer an average of 10% reduction on price, these first impression items really make a difference and can be fixed for less that 1% of the value.

How we can help

At Kirbside, we have tailored a package clean that can help you achieve the best possible price for your property by attacking the first impression aspect of selling your property.

We want your property to be in demand before they have even looked inside. Our one-off clean package can fix that problem and get your property SOLD!

Our Package Deal Includes: 

  • Driveway Clean
  • Patio Clean 
  • Full Deep Clean of your Windows 
  • Artificial Grass Clean 
  • Soffit and Fascia Clean/UPVC Clean

Custom packaging can be put together to remove/add any sections that you do/don’t need to create a custom package 

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